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1. The following terms relate to the supply of cleaning services (“the Services”) by the “Company” to the “Client”.

2. The Company agrees to provide the Client with the Services and is authorized to enter the premises at stipulated timing to carry out cleaning duties.

3. The Client acknowledges and agrees that: Poor/unsatisfactory/incomplete service, breakage/damage must be reported immediately after the service. Failure to do so will entitle customers to no refunds or recovery cleanings. 

4. The Company requires the client's presence at the start and end of the cleaning session so an inspection can be carried out and any corrections need to be raised on the same day. Should the client be unavailable, the client should appoint another representative to inspect the session, otherwise, the client is known to trust that the service is rendered well and the actual duration of the session is based on the Company record with no correction required

5. The Company will use its best efforts to provide a good result. The client is asked to be aware of these limitations which the Company reserves the right not to be responsible for:

5.1Condition of a material (e.g. fabric sofa, flooring) deteriorates or damage due to wear and tear.

5.2 Job delay for a cleaning visit due to traffic congestion or bad weather.

5.3 Job incomplete due to the limitation of time catered, lack of water or power and suitable cleaning accessories in full working order provided by the Client.

5.4 Job cancellation due to obstruction to access Client’s premises.

6. In case of damage, the Company will repair or cover each accidental damage up to 10% of the contract value, caused by an operator working on behalf of the Company, reported immediately after the service, excluding anything that may break due to wear and tear (e.g. toilet flush, vacuum cleaner, taps/hose, etc, any other items). The Client is obliged to warn the operator about appliances, fixtures, or poorly fixed items or not in full working order.

7. All valuable items must be locked during the cleaning session at all times.

8. The client agrees that after the cleaning service termination, he/she will not hire or use services provided by a present or past cleaner introduced to the Client by the company. If the Client wishes to hire or use services provided by such a cleaner, the Client is obligated to pay a referral fee of $2000.

9. Additional tasks or times to be performed that are not within the description above will be subjected to variation orders.

10. Assignment of cleaner is based on merit, availability and regardless of race and gender. The Company reserves the right to arrange an alternative day and time to perform the cleaning if a replacement cannot be made at the regular time or add extra manpower to speed up the cleaning process while providing the same value to the client.

11. The client agrees to grant the Company a royalty-free license to use their logo and/or showcase cleaning process at the client's premise for the Company’s advertising, literature and websites solely in connection with the marketing and resale of the Company's service used by the client.

12. The client agrees to indemnify the Company against losses and liabilities that may arise from signing this quotation or engaging the Company's cleaning service. The Company is not liable nor shall be made a party for any said claims or disputes. 

13. The Company may terminate this contract with the Client immediately with no compensation or liability in such an event. In no event will the Company be liable for any damages or losses of clients’ assets or profits or consequential or penal damages or any other reason of any nature whatsoever arising out of the service rendered by the Company, whether based on warranty, contract or any other legal theories and whether or not advised of the possibility of such damages. 

14. All specialized cleaning services, including Post Renovation Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Disinfection, or any other terms of service that falls into the same category of service, The Client shall complete payment to the Company within 7 days after service rendered to the Client. Late payments of 5% per week will be applied to the original rate without any discount or promotion.

15. All weekly cleaning or recurring cleaning services, including any other terms of service that falls into the same categories of service, the terms of payment are 15 days from the date invoiced. Late payments of 5% per month will be applied to the original rate without any discount or promotion.

16. The client agrees to pay for an additional fee (e.g. legal & application fee) that may incur for the company to recover the outstanding payment from the client beyond the term (if any or necessary).

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